Become a VerbatimTPV© industry consultant and create a revolution in direct marketing...

VerbatimTPV© offers automated verification for any type of service change or telephone transaction. VerbatimTPV© meets FCC, state regulations as a third party verifier and is available on a per minute basis. As an independent representative for VerbatimTPV©, you can offer this revolutionary capability to your clients today.

A Powerful Sales Story
As a sales proposition, VerbatimTPV© is extremely attractive:

  • Low cost per transaction makes client budgeting easy
  • Trouble-free demonstration makes it easy for your clients to see the value you are offering
  • Quick fulfillment means you deliver the service in days
  • Simple operation and high reliability means easy support
  • Low cost of entry keeps the buying decision at lower levels of management

A Rewarding Sales Activity

  • Ongoing residual provides extended revenue
  • Fast installation means revenue starts quickly
  • Low cost and ease of use creates loyalty and lasting revenue

An Opportunity Today
To bring this new service to market quickly, we’re developing independent distributors to offer the VerbatimTPV© service. We are looking for specialists like you in the following markets:

  • Telemarketing call centers
  • Mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers
  • Securities brokers
  • Collection agencies
  • Construction contractors
  • Any industry with high value telephone transactions

VerbatimTPV© is distinct
Of course, call recording is a well-accepted practice, but VerbatimTPV© offers features that are not available in other recording systems:

  • Record calls from any touch-tone telephone with conference calling capability
  • Instantaneous retrieval from any touch-tone phone
  • Usage-based pricing means you pay based on your needs
  • Simple instructions make operator training fast and easy
  • Fully digital with hard disk and nightly back-up
  • ID numbers for retrieval, eliminating the cataloging of cassettes and tape reels
  • Large capacity platform can adjust to specific project requirements
  • Offsite operation supports call centers in several locations

VerbatimTPV© is NOT an expensive piece of equipment fated for obsolescence as computing technology advances. VerbatimTPV© is a service bureau which gives your client these advantages:

  • No space requirements for equipment
  • No capital expense
  • No technical support required--all system support supplied with service
  • No installation delays
  • No complicated engineering requirements
  • No risk of under or over provisioning

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"We have been using VerbatimTPV for over 10 years. Their customer service and price are excellent. I can count on the VerbatimTPV to always be working, which is important to our business. VerbatimTPV is able to make changes to our scripts very quickly."
--Kim Norman Cortina
--FamilyHealth Ins. Network, Inc.

"I would strongly recommend that any Telemarketing operation use VerbatimTPV as their Verifier. In our business, we receive many questions, and challenges from our customers concerning the product they purchased and at what price. In every case VerbatimTPV had the TPV we needed available for playback. Once the customer can hear their own voice agreeing to the product sale, they are happy and so are we."
--Jim Adair
--Global Telemarketing Solutions, Inc.

"Great price. Great customer service. Very dependable. We can rely on VerbatimTPV to meet our service requirements. We have a large daily call volume that can�t wait. VerbatimTPV is always up and working. This is one part of my business that I don�t have to worry about."
--Susan Grey
--Green Energy Resale Marketing, Inc.