Third Party Verifier: Insurance

No matter how much overhead goes toward insurance costs, your business is better off with it than without it. You just never know what might happen. Insuring yourself, your property, and more is a way of protecting not only your assets but also your employees and the future of your business.

We have good news for you regarding insurance. When you choose to take advantage of 3rd party verification provider services, you're insuring your business to the tune of potentially thousands of dollars annually. You may be required to use a third party verifier for FCC compliance, or perhaps you're just doing smart business with transaction documentation. Either way, you'll get piece of mind and the kind of record keeping that can protect your business in a big way.

Order Verification Company Saves the Day

Customer satisfaction is always important. When customers are happy, you can count on fewer hours spent correcting misunderstandings and overall better business growth.

Because we're all busy, it's easy to forget what exactly happened in a transaction a month back. There's nothing like the automated third party verifier to straighten out a problem in a matter of moments. Our order verification company provides an audio record of every transaction so the customer can hear exactly what happened during the transaction. Because the record is in his or her own voice, disputes are resolved swiftly.

Time expenditure is limited and customer satisfaction is restored. Escalations are avoided and money is saved. This is the kind of insurance every business can use, and it's affordable.

3rd Party Verification Provider

Will you have to spend large amounts of time sifting through stored data to find the records for one disgruntled customer? Simply put, no, you won't. Our call recording process lets you see the complete order verification company TPV, or view only responses from the customers. It's another feature from this 3rd party verification provider that saves time and money. Read on for more about using your TPV records to protect your business.

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"We have been using VerbatimTPV for over 10 years. Their customer service and price are excellent. I can count on the VerbatimTPV to always be working, which is important to our business. VerbatimTPV is able to make changes to our scripts very quickly."
--Kim Norman Cortina
--FamilyHealth Ins. Network, Inc.

"I would strongly recommend that any Telemarketing operation use VerbatimTPV as their Verifier. In our business, we receive many questions, and challenges from our customers concerning the product they purchased and at what price. In every case VerbatimTPV had the TPV we needed available for playback. Once the customer can hear their own voice agreeing to the product sale, they are happy and so are we."
--Patrick Oíhare
--Global Telemarketing Solutions, Inc.

"Great price. Great customer service. Very dependable. We can rely on VerbatimTPV to meet our service requirements. We have a large daily call volume that canít wait. VerbatimTPV is always up and working. This is one part of my business that I donít have to worry about."
--Carl Beaverman
--Sense Cablevision, Inc.