Why is VerbatimTPV the Right Choice For Your Business?

In business since 1995, VerbatimTPV offers the Services and Price businesses expect in today's competitive environment.

We offer a straight forward, easy to use, package of services which include:

Quick Start-up
For many customers, TPV is one of the last pieces to be in place before they open for business. Others need to find a new TPV provider who truly understands their service and cost requirements. And still others need to change their TPV script because of changes in their business.
In either case, the ability to get your TPV service running quickly is critical. VerbatimTPV has been building TPV scripts and call processing programs for over 15 year. We will have your program up and running within 48 hours.

Low Cost per TPV
Whether you use TPV for FCC compliance or transaction documentation, TPV is good insurance. A good TPV can literally save you thousands of dollars, and the right TPV might even save your business. Despite its potential importance, the cost per TPV should be as low as possible. VerbatimTPV offers the highest level of service at the lowest cost in the market today.

Toll Free Access
Each of our customers receives a Toll Free number to call our system. No need to set up calling special plans, PBX routing tables, no special dialing codes. Simply program the number we assign into your phones or predictive dialers and you are done.

TPV Review at no additional cost
An integral part of TPV is the ability to play back or review a TPV in response to FCC, PUC, customer inquiries, or internal call quality audits. At VerbatimTPV you are never charged to review your TPVs. TPVs can be review in either of two ways: you call review them via a secure web site, or, you can retrieve them over the telephone.

Web Access
We give our customers’ access to their TPVs via a secure website. This allows you to review your TPVs 24 by 7. See Web site description.

Daily Report
Each morning (just after midnight) VerbatimTPV automatically generates and e-mails a report containing call information from the previous days' activities. These reports provide you with the information you need to track sales, representative's activities, or compliance rates. The standard report is easy to read, and can be easily imported into your tracking database for any additional processing. We will also customize your reports to include the information you need, in the format you need it.

All TPVs archived at no additional cost
All TPVs are stored on a secure website and are available for review7/24 for the first 90 days. After 90 days they are permanently archived at a separate and secure location. If you need to review a TPV that is older than 90 days , simply notify us and we will reload it at no cost.

No Voice Recognition
In a perfect world, Voice Recognition allows the system to understand what the customer is actually saying (like HAL from 2001: a space odyssey.) In reality, this technology has not been perfected. If the computer is waiting for a "Yes" or "No" response, but hears anything else like a "cough", or "Ummm" or " Ya" , or Kids screaming in the background, it will ask the question again (and again) until it hears what it has been programmed to hear. This in turn causes customer irritation and confusion. It also degrades the quality of the TPV and increases the total call duration. Of course, the longer the call, the more it will cost our customers. At VerbatimTPV we are dedicated to keeping our quality at the highest possible level at the lowest possible cost.

No Live Agents
Let's face it, people can be inefficient. Don't get us wrong, some our best friends are people. But, when you are talking about getting something right 100% of the time, thousands of times a day, at the lowest possible cost, you have to find another solution. By not offering a Live Agent option, we are able to produce a consistent, reliable, fast, and inexpensive TPV and not spread that overhead over all our services.

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"We have been using VerbatimTPV for over 10 years. Their customer service and price are excellent. I can count on the VerbatimTPV to always be working, which is important to our business. VerbatimTPV is able to make changes to our scripts very quickly."
--Kim Norman Cortina
--FamilyHealth Ins. Network, Inc.

"I would strongly recommend that any Telemarketing operation use VerbatimTPV as their Verifier. In our business, we receive many questions, and challenges from our customers concerning the product they purchased and at what price. In every case VerbatimTPV had the TPV we needed available for playback. Once the customer can hear their own voice agreeing to the product sale, they are happy and so are we."
--Jim Adair
--Global Telemarketing Solutions, Inc.

"Great price. Great customer service. Very dependable. We can rely on VerbatimTPV to meet our service requirements. We have a large daily call volume that can�t wait. VerbatimTPV is always up and working. This is one part of my business that I don�t have to worry about."
--Susan Grey
--Green Energy Resale Marketing, Inc.